• Philosophy in Lettering

    Learn from humanities first most knowledgeable people: Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.

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  • Lyrics in Lettering

    Apreciate the lyrics of artists such as Bob Dylan and Tupac Shakur that wanted to see change in the world.

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  • Science in Lettering

    Ponder over the deep perceptions of truth that many scientists have concluded over history.

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Lettering Wisdom

From hobby to passion... this is the story about how I became a lettering artist.

It all began after finding a steady job, I started considering to take on a new hobby. So I asked myself, what is it that I enjoy spending time on the most? It didn't take me long to come up with a conclusion that later changed my way of seeing the world. I recalled learning how to write cursive, practicing and getting better, I recalled my teenage graffiti years, and drawing up all my school notebooks. It was quite obvious what my hobby was to be, but now I needed to establish how to get better? 

If you're thinking "practice", you're right, but I came up with a structured plan to learn consistently and accomplish a mission through small tasks. My plan consisted in choosing approximately 30 important quotes and draw them one by one, accepting errors, taking unlimited time and trying to be originally creative on each one. My theory was, that by the end of the 30th quote I would be able to see a difference in ability, so this way, instead of wasting time drawing the same letter or word over and over again until I feel confident to illustrate a quote, I would have 30 quotes finished with different levels of expertise and I would have practiced a wide variety of letters (and combinations of letters) instead of only repeating a few.

Now that we have the ‘what?’ and ‘how?’ I needed to figure out where to begin? With so many important quotes, how can someone choose what to illustrate? Again, I turned to my scientific training and decided to go from the general to the specific. Who were the first influential people on earth due to their knowledge? If you answered Ancient Greek Philosophers, we think alike. That is why, at this point, I chose 30 important quotes from Socrates, Plato and Aristotle that in some way or another provoke thought and reflection.

Once the ‘Philosophy in Lettering’ collection was completed, it was time for the next step, different perspectives, different personalities and different lettering techniques. But again the question arose, where do I search for quotes? At this point I wanted to express the ideas of some of my idols, such as Tupac and Bob Dylan, singer/songwriters that left us very important messages in their songs. This made me realize that many people listen to music but don’t really pay attention to what the artists actually intend to say. So I decided to express influential song lyrics in the collection 'Lyrics in Lettering'. There is so much wisdom in music and that is precisely what this collection aims to show with the give or take 30 song lyrics chosen for this collection.

By the time the Lyrics in Lettering collection was finished, I was eager to attack my next and current project… the 'Science in Lettering' collection. Which showcases intriguing scientific quotes from a large array of scientific disciplines. With nearly 30 scientific quotes already completed, a steady improvement is noticeable looking back through past collections but the best part about the process has been learning all the amazing quotes and sharing them with the world. If you want to know more, check out "About Us" and learn what motivated Wisdom Wear Designs.


Aristotle is the third and last Philosopher quoted in the philosophy in lettering collection. To learn more about the pieces of this collection, click on the botton below.

Philosophy in Lettering

Tupac Shakur

Tupac is one of the most, if not the most, influential rap musicians to have lived, and he is one of the many musicians quoted in the Lyrics in Lettering collection. To learn more about this collection click on the bottom below.

Lyrics in Lettering

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is one of the most commonly known scientists in the world and with good reason. His quotes appear numerous times as part of the collection Science in Lettering. To learn more about this collection click the botton below.

Science in Lettering