Fan of the Sea

This artistic alias tries to spread marine life awareness through the dramatic representation of many truths about the harmful effect that humanity has on our oceans and the animals that live within them. Come look around and learn more about our effect on the planet.

Fish Save Fisheries

This artistic representation intends to shine light on the pressing issue of overfishing. The human race has treated fish populations as if they were never ending, and because of this, a large amount of our everyday diet depends on our global fisheries. As fisheries decrease in profitability due to the increase in work needed to make a fixed quota, businessmen look for technological solutions that may temporarily fix a profit margin without taking into account the main character of the show "The Fish". Without fish there would be no fisheries, so it is only logic to enhance their populations in order to enhance our fisheries.

The Coral Reef

This artistic representation intends to shine light on the affect that the human race has on the environment, especially on those places we hardly see. How can someone living in a city, far from the ocean, affect the coral reef? Good question, but the thing is coral reefs are very sensitive to any change in their environment, may it be temperature, salinity, pH, oxygen levels, or whatever you can think of. These changes in water properties occur mostly because of the ocean-atmosphere interchange of molecules. As gas emisions increase in big cities and all over the world, ocean acidification is inevitable and the greenhouse affect will continuely contribute to warming our oceans.

Fish Statements

This artisitic collection intends to create dialogue between humans and fish. What do fish think when they see us? What would they say? This collection contains various responses I believe they would educate us with.

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  • "Save me from humanity"

    Inspired from the movie/documentary Black Fish, this collection exhibits three adult Orcas and a Calf with rake marks all over their bodies. These rake marks express the thoughts and feelings that captive Orcas have to go through every day in their tiny tanks.

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