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Straight from the streets of Long Beach, Duro brings you his insane apparel collection that exhibits his uniquely raw Artwork.
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City of Angeles

Growing up in L.A. during the 90's was a very eyeopening time. It awoke a desire to express myself and an eternal love for the Southern Californian Coast.

You can find many California inspired elements in a variety of my work.

Amaru Shakur

One of my strongest influences is the Poet/Rap musician Tupac Amaru Shakur. He gifted us with deep, meaniful messages through his lyrics during his unfortunatly short life.

In my work you can find many elements inspired by the memory of Tupac "The King".


To acknowledge your roots and accept the challenges put before you by life, means you have come to grips with who you are.

Frida Kahlo is a good representation of our shared Mexican Heritage and relentlessness to overcome our challenges.

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