About Us

Wisdom Wear began as an idea to educate and inspire change in the world. We have all been told that change is necessary, but the truth is that change is inevitable, so it is up to us to make this change a positive one. The world is deeply affected by everything we do, even by how we think, so in order to reduce our affect or optimistically revert our negative affect to a positive one, everyone must chip-in to educate and inspire positive changes in their community.

How can one person affect an entire community? A very valid question, and one that most likely stunts most people’s ambition to do so. Following my logic, I started working in education, as a teacher you directly affect the way young adults see the world and they subsequently affect the way their family members interpret new ideas. So in this way, one individual (the teacher) can have a tremendous effect on a community without having direct contact with every single individual. This is but a glimpse of the importance of education and the influence it has on our future.

I began lettering as a hobby but with one important goal in mind, to make lettering art that is worth reading. The way I see it is lettering makes words attractive so even people that normally don’t read want to read it, that is why it is so important to me to give everyone something worth reading. This is when I began the philosophy, lyrics and science in lettering collections.

Just as I noticed that most professional lettering artists work three main topics (positivity, coffee and religion), I also noticed that graphic t-shirts for one thing, are very popular, and second the graphic is always their logo, brand name or some sort of non-sense. I mentally visualized every person that has read a graphic tee and thought about what they got from it. Only the name of a brand? In that case, by buying and using a graphic tee you are actually paying to be a billboard for that clothing company. While many might consider that a problem, I saw another opportunity. If we can change the messages on those “billboards” maybe we can reach a large array of people to educate. So that is when the idea for Wisdom Wear began. The best way to spread knowledge to everyone you see or sees you, is by wearing it.

Wisdom Wear is young and ambitious, looking to make a difference, so if you are anything like this or agree with any of our principles please show your support and spread the wisdom.

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